Conquer Your Holiday Stress

Yes, it’s that time of year again: The Holiday Season! And if that wasn’t reason enough to panic, we’re in a recession, we’re in two wars, and some countries still think it’s a good idea to eat whale meat.

Someone was just asking me today, semi-rhetorically, “Why are we all depressed?”** I think it has something to do with the reasons listed above (whale meat aside. I mean, who other than Greenpeace actually cares about whales?) It also to do the post-election come-down. And oh..WINTER. In other words, there are plenty of reasons to be down–but they don’t need to consume us. Of course, some of us naturally tend towards the dark side. (And not just because red is by far the cooler colored light-saber.) But I suspect some other people might actually benefit from a few stress management skills.

Now, yesterday, I wrote about how to get stuff for free, which is something I can do, but as, a few kindly anonymous commenters conveyed, I can’t actually teach you to do. Because I am on “team dark side,” getting rid of stress is something I cannot do for myself, but I think in my 6 Sites For Conquering Your Holiday Stress, I offer some pretty good advice for people unlike myself. (AKA: those who are not addicted to self-inflicted misery and daily near-asphyxiation from anxiety.)

In the beating holiday stress feature, you will learn:

1) How to deal with your family. (other than by drinking by heavily or threatening to expose their bad behavior in your blog)

2) how to ease your gift-giving ventures (other than by saying, “I’m still speaking to you, isn’t that gift enough” or “how about I buy you a drink next time we actually see each other?” or “get yourself something. I’ll pay you back.”)

3) How to relax. (from Merriam-Webster…Relax: to make less tense or rigid : lessen the tension or pressure of : )

And even though I am fully committed to carving my identity through a commitment to explorations in discontent, I actually do or will try to follow much of the advice I offered, because if we weren’t at least aiming for the Good Stuff, who knows how much worse it could be? (“Gift? What gift? I’m not speaking to you this year!”)

**Alternate answer to Why are we All Depressed: “Who can explain it? Who can tell you why? Fools give you reasons. Wise men never try.”


4 thoughts on “Conquer Your Holiday Stress

  1. I’ve thought a lot about the impact of financial stress during the holidays. It’s a big one.In my home, we’ve notified our friends and family that we will not be giving gifts this year, and in return, we do not expect to receive gifts. This has unexpectedly provided more relief than I thought, because there are some people who did not want to address the issue, and planned on attempting to give us gifts, even though they couldn’t afford it. So without having to ask our friends and family about their own financial situation, we’ve given the gift of relief.We are also considering volunteering. Bringing together our families to serve meals (for example) at the local homeless shelter will fill us with the holiday spirit more that getting gifts would.Happy Holidays,Jill R.

  2. My wife and I hosted a white-elephant gift-grab for our building the other night… great alternative to traditional gift-giving. The point was the food, games, and just being together with friends. We’ve done this with family too… takes the stress out of holiday gift giving and lets us laugh together, which is probably the rarest gift imaginable.All the best,-James ThomasStress Management Coach


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