I Want to Be a Boy

Haha..no I don’t. But I hope that subject line got your attention. But I do like men today, because the fact that they are becoming slowly female made for a great article and brought tons and tons of visitors to the site. Yay for tons of visitors. Yay for women having the dominant hormones. Yay for my brain being totally fried. Yes…these past weeks have been beyond crazy as I juggle papers, writing for Dulcinea, going to class, meetings with professors, my addiction to the gym, my addiction to StumbleUpon, etc.

It’s been hard to stay in good spirits, despite the fact I’m usually a really cheery, totally un-moody kind of gal. But yesterday, while I was the middle a) writing the men-turn-to-women article and b) being really cranky, I put on my headphones and heard a song coming from my own iTunes that I didn’t recognize, which embarrasingly, happens to me with enough frequency to make it embarrasing. I thought to myself, “oh my god, this song is amazing” (and by the over-used word “amazing” I mean: psyche-changing, spirit-altering, totally-kickin’) I quickly investigated and discovered that it was Led Zeppelin, “Thank You.”

Now, before my parents became friends again, my mother used to “joke” to me that my father really would have had two sons than a son and a daughter. Whether this is true, well..who cares? My brother will be a girl soon, anyway. But I can say that whoever you are (except Eli Manning), I can throw a spiral better than you. I don’t know how to apply to make up. And I used to be a HUGE Led Zeppelin fan.

When I was about 16, my dad explained to me that if you wanted to get a boyfriend, you had to drink beer and like Led Zeppelin. (Tragically, I ultimately misconstrued this and decided select boyfriends who liked beer and Zeppelin, which FYI, will only bring you heartache.) Anyway, I reported back to my father that I really like the song, “All of My Love.”

I remember my father looking at me sort of pityingly, which stirring one of the two dishes he had expertly mastered since the separation. “Well, I mean. ‘All of My Love’ is sort of..the girl Led Zeppelin song.” I got it. I was not man enough for my dad’s high classic rock standards. I made a point of liking songs like “Houses of the Holy,” and “Whole Lotta Love.” I was considered, amongst my friends at private girls’ school, to be a Zep expert. I convinced many guys in the following years that I was a huge tom-boy.

Then, I sort of graduated college. Traded beer for Vodka. Threw out the damaged Zeppelin poster I’d had all through college. Got a boyfriend who was really into post-punk music. Got over Zeppelin.

But yesterday’s reconnection really moved me, also because I got the feeling that “Thank You” is probably a “girl” song. More power to me. We’re going to win, anyway. I encourage everyone to look at her own taste in music and say: “Here there is no wrong/Together we shall go until we die”.


3 thoughts on “I Want to Be a Boy

  1. I didn’t know much about Zepplin until the Lord of the Rings movies came out, and then I developed those dual obsessions at once. And in the ensuing decade, both obsessions have mellowed to general enjoyment. Still, I have a document that states that “Ramble On” should be played at my funeral.


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