I’m addicted to Stumble Upon

I’ve found that one way to numb your mind and avoid the grim reality of your deficiencies in comprehending the philosophy of language is to spend your life stumbling web sites using the StumbleUpon Tool bar. You hit “stumble.” You get another Web site or picture. You’ve selected your interests, so theoretically, a lot of what you stumble upon should be at least tangentially relevant to you. But I didn’t know what to think when I stumbled upon this image.

I wish the phrase, “you need to get out more” wasn’t quite so played out.


2 thoughts on “I’m addicted to Stumble Upon

  1. Seriously, what have you done to me? I am still playing around on Stumble Upon…I mean I knew there was some cool stuf fof the interweb, but it’s insane how much random coolness is out there.


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