Coldplay Sued for Plagiarism

If you follow music, no doubt you are aware that:

“California guitarist Joe Satriani accused the British band Coldplay of copying sections of his song “If I Could Fly” to create their hit song “Viva la Vida.” (link is to full story.)

Chris Coats reports that this is the second time Coldplay has been accused of plagiarism. I personally I am shocked that this is not the third time.

If you will, take a listen to German band, Kraftwerk’s Computer Love:

Now listen to the Coldplay song, Talk.

Undoubtedly a rip off. This has always bugged me, although I’m not the first to realize it. (In fact, it was my dad who pointed it out to me, just before my brother convinced him that Coldplay really was awesome, and they all went to see Coldplay in Vegas without me. I’m not bitter, and if I were, it wouldn’t be why I was writing this post.) There’s actually no controversy here. Chris Martin reports sending Kraftwerk a letter in bad German begging to use the riff. I can’t remember where I read that Coldplay called themselves the Diet Coke of Radiohead; apparently Kraftwerk doesn’t feel too threatened.

Anyway, what annoys me the most about the whole thing is that there is line the song talk that says, “you could write a song nobody has sung/or do something that’s never been done.” Maybe Martin is being super-ironic here, although I doubt it, because I am the Queen of Irony and if I don’t pick up on it, nobody can. Everytime I listen to the song, I get aggravated and want to yell, “you haven’t done it! You haven’t written an original song!!!”

Then I hear that line: “Tell me how to do you feel?/Well I feel like they’re all talking in a language I don’t speak.” And…well..

Oh, Pop Music. How you manage to speak while saying nothing!


One thought on “Coldplay Sued for Plagiarism

  1. You would think that with an economy this bad where no one has any money, one would AVOID doing things that could result in getting sued. Bad Coldplay! Bad boy! Bad bad boy!


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