Mashable Awards, Redux! Mashable Open Web Awards

Very exciting news! findingDulcinea has made the top 3 for the
Mashable Open Web Awards. Basically, now it’s a competition among the
Top Three Web sites (of which Google is NOT one) to see who has more
friends and family voting for them every single day with every single
email address.

As most of you know, 6th grade was a very bad year for me, and I had
no friends. I have been forced to bear the scars of this middle school
nightmare for many years. If findingDulcinea won the award, I would
finally know that I had more friends. This would be truly awesome, and
perhaps I would be able to lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life.
(Either that or I’ll find something else to feel bad about, but we can
dream, right?)

See that blue box on the right? Or the blue box above? Yeah. It’s a regular blue box fest. Vote early, vote often.


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