Are We Human? Or Are We Denser?

This monstrous video is basically the confluence of everything wrong in my life.

1) It’s the Killers. Ever though it’s not cool to like the killers, I think this song is kind of catchy. When I write papers, I like to listen to bad music on repeat; it sorts of gets a rhythm going.

2) Some idiot is doing a really shabby job of explaining art, poetry, universal feeling and what it means to be human. Sort of like what Tolstoy is doing, except that even during his messianic period, Tolstoy has a brain, unlike this person, who is “denser” than our bud Leo. The video just served to make me frustrated with the whole topic, and wonder why I was bothering to study the real thing when idiots like this person run rampant on Youtube.

3) This person actually discusses how grammar might have a meaning that differs from the intuition of the “folk.” In fact, Noam Chomsky says that the people who are competent in a language are the best source for linguistic intuitions (voice of competence theory). The person who made this video, and my philosophy of language professor, think otherwise. This is the only thing that I understand after a whole semester of the course. Thus, this video is a grave reminder of my own immense failings.


5 thoughts on “Are We Human? Or Are We Denser?

  1. I actually liked the song, but wanted to scream as I read who ever the idiot is that was ‘interpreting’ the lyrics.


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