Vampire Weekend-Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Chromeo Remix)

This post is for my parents, because if you’re not my parents, you already found a link to this song on one of the best five music sites that you read. Basically: trickle down works! As a findingDulcinea employee, I am exposed to the best entertainment sites of the Web. Then, I share what I know on my blog, and 4 lucky readers get fed a tiny fraction of the gluttonous, greedy hunk I possess. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Ketchup IS a vegetable. And I’m giving it to you.

Quickly, Why This Song:

1) The first time I heard it was the night before my divorced parents co-hosted my 25th Birthday Bash. All I wanted was not to have this joint party, and anticipation of it had thrown me into a month-long, superlative depression. Or maybe it was all the quarter-life crisis talk. But my roommate played a mix with this song on it and coupled with the awesome display of a glittered decorations she and my other roommate put on the door, it was basically the only thing that gave me motivation to survive the impending 26 hours, and my 26th year.

2) The ‘rents are doing another co-hosting event! Thanksgiving. It is so fitting that this song would resurface as we celebrate our 2nd “Sweetness I was only joking when I said…”** kiss-and-make-up family event. Instead of fighting over who gets to have me for the holiday, they’re happily planning a menu and ignoring me…you might even say “the kids don’t stand a chance.”)

**The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again

3) The guys in Vampire Weekend are friends of the guys in Moth Scene. Moth Scene counts among its members the younger brother of one of my best friends from college. (In case you didn’t realize, this means that I AM in fact introducing you to new music. So there.)


One thought on “Vampire Weekend-Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Chromeo Remix)

  1. but the foyer dance party was the best — and i never saw photos! also, there are still glitter spots on the walls of the apartment.incidentally, your father made a fantastic cocktail that night. recipe, please!


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