Unsuccessful Relationships

I have been spending some serious time wondering over the past 36 hours if I should send the following email to my dentist:

Dear Dr. V,

You said there was a 10 percent chance this would just be a cavity and not a root canal. You have really put ideas in my head. If you can’t promise me that you’ll do ever in your power to make this just a cavity, I’m going to go out into the world and find a dentist who can. I’m sorry. For both of our sakes, please be honest.



But what if he feels threatened? And what if there isn’t another densist who can do the job? What if I’m expecting too much–more than any dentist can give me? Why can’t I just be happy with the nice, genuine respectful dentist I have? What if I send the email, and he hates me, and I have no dentist?

I got this someecard yesterday that pretty much sums it up:


3 thoughts on “Unsuccessful Relationships

  1. In my experience you don’t want to risk pissing off or annoying the guy in charge of sticking sharp things in your mouth and/or drilling your teeth. However, I also believe all dentists to be sarcastic people and yours may actually appreciate a sarcastic email like that. But based on your last post about him, he sounds a bit sensitive; you may hurt his feelings. Or worse, you may find out even sooner that you do need a root canal and the anticipation would be so brutal. So don’t send it. Or do. Whatever.

  2. Or you could spend less time thinking about your relationship with your dentist, as, in the end, all that matters is that your tooth gets fixed–you will not have to have a ‘relationship’ with him–and spend your thinking time focusing on more important relationships with a more positive attitude.

  3. Uncle Ebenezer,You are every bit as bad at making decisions as you say! I am impressed. Really. Anonymous–are you my mom or my super-ego? Dr. Freud, is my mom my super ego?xox.RB


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