findingDulcinea nominated for Mashable Award!

I will only be happy with a child of this intelligence level:

Today, my co-worker Cara brought her baby to the office. I am not one of the girls, or boys, that goes ga-ga (no pun) for babies. Cara’s baby Nora is in fact REALLY cute, information I gleaned that from the several glances I got of her on my way to re-load on heavily caffeinated beverages. But, cute or not, I feel that babies are best admired via YouTube, or some other medium that protects me from spit, whimpering or any experience that goes longer than 2.5 mins and can’t be paused.

Still, I do a have a “baby.” Yes! As a stereotypical, 20-something New York woman of the post-post modern age, it is my universally acknowledged right to consider my job to be my child, and I can confirm that my baby is

Now of course, like any mother, I wish my child would be quiet for 2 freaking seconds, stop pulling on my chunky necklaces and look more like me and less like its Dad. But, also like any mother, I like to brag when my kid does something great and consequently demand that the whole rest of the world confirm that, yes, absolutely, my child is the best.

So. Let me be the most nasal, self-satisfied, over-delighted Momma in the room and tell you that findingDulcinea has been nominated for an award by the Mashable blog Open Web Awards. [That was the brag part.]

Next comes the “everyone must agree with me” part. See the Widget below and [ also located on sidebar to your right.] vote for us! Vote for us! We’re on a shortlist with just 7 other sites, and one of them is Google!

As promised on Facebook, if you vote for us, and we win, then I will buy you a dinner almost as delectable as something you’d eat in the Google cafeteria. I might even bring a Scooter and eternal optimism about the stock market, if you’re lucky. Mashable Open Web Awards


5 thoughts on “findingDulcinea nominated for Mashable Award!

  1. Big deal, that kid might be reading the names of those elements off of whatever he’s looking at. Or maybe he memorized the answers to those questions in that order before they asked him. Congrats on the award!

  2. I totally agree. In cognitive science we’d say that he has procedural, but not declarative knowledge. As far as that baby is concerned, he’s repeating the Cat in the Hat.

  3. poor baby–his mother is working on his left brain which doesn’t really start working till he’s 2–he may be able to memorize things but he’ll never be able to have a postive emotional experience!


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