Who’s Your Baby Mama?

As I explained to someone after leaving work sick, I don’t do well with free time. I hate being sick, and I hate not going to work. I hate TV. I have so many things to do that either some of them will not get done, or they will come to kill me, or both.

So, you may ask how it is that it is 9:47 on a Thursday night and instead pacing my house, praying for a distraction on my computer, further compromising my psychological stability trying to figure out whether language is psychologically real in the human brain (that’s code for “homework”) and chewing a pen cap to bits in a way that reveals too much about me, I’m watching Baby Mama.

Here are some things that the rest of you probably know: 1) Baby Mama is not a good movie. 2) TV will numb your mind. 3) If the maintenance guy comes to fix the heat, pretty much anything is tolerable. 4) Except the line “You don’t have to be married to have a kid” as a lead-in for a kiss. Anyone who has ever kissed someone will know that the pre-kiss line is rarely eloquent or alluring. But this one takes the cake.

Theoretically I could just download a better movie on the Internet, but being a lady of fickle fancy, philosophy homework is starting to sound really good right now.


One thought on “Who’s Your Baby Mama?

  1. If language is the matrix and the filter through which we understand everything, including how we qualify many of our own thoughts. One could contend that that in and of itself makes it psychologically real. Although the converse could be true of that as well. Unless I misunderstood the question…And, Baby Mama has Tina Fey in it. Since Tina’s portrayal of Palin has made her own of my heros, I think you could have made a worse choice. At least you’re supporting an American hero or something.


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