Almost Famous

Inspiration to keep the momentum going!

Today, my friend SassyTwoSocks bestowed upon me a Blog Award/Chain Letter. Hurrah. I love winning things, because whenever I win something, it provides me with another luscious opportunity to say, “Wow. I totally do not deserve this.”

But anyway, here’s the deal. I say 6 blogs I like, I say 6 things I like. And then we all go home.

Blogs I like:

Basil and Belladonna. A dream blog, founded by my dear friend, La Nevrotique. People (including yours truly) can send in crazy dreams, and La Nevrotique recounts her own.

Ever Heard of It? If you don’t love Josh1215, it’s because you’ve never met him, never read his blog, or have no soul. The caption is: A blog about zebras, for example. Need I say more?

CaraMcDuna: She is hilarious, warm, readable, smart and honest. I did freak out when she wrote a blog post about being in labor. But other than my low-threshhold for medical information, I enjoy this blog always.

Ifyourfeetaren’tontheground. This charming man friended me on 20something bloggers. I thought that was cool of him. Go read his blog!

Remembering and Shuddering. My friend is very smart. He would never say that about himself in so many words, but he does a fine job of demonstrating it on this blog. (He also assisted me greatly writing 5 Essential Jazz Trumpet Solos so if you have thoughts on that, you can now contact him directly.)

Blackfrost Journal
. This is the blog of the good friend of my “Good Friend.” The blogger is a friend of mine too. He just got married, he bought a house. He is living the dream…and yet he’s someone we all can relate to!

Ok. Now for 6 things I like:

1) Pretending that I am such an existentialist that I don’t like anything.
2) Pretending that being existentialist actually has anything to do with liking things, or not. (As as Philosophy student, I would be happy to define the real meaning of existentialist for you, but then I’d have to kill you. And FYI, there’s no afterlife.)
3) Getting mail. Especially brown paper packages tied up with string.
4) The Beatles. Obvi! Here’s the thing about the Beatles. You have to go one of two ways. You have to be like everyone else, and love the Beatles. OR, you can be this crazy, guerilla, terrorist rebel and go out on a limb and say you don’t like the Beatles. If you can pull this off: Wow. You have my full, undivided, totally-fired-up attention. If you fail to pull this off (i.e, I don’t think you are Che Guevara) then you end up a total social pariah, like Eleanor Rigby.
5) I have to confess that I’m sitting here totally stumped. It’s not that I don’t like stuff…or love stuff…I do! I really do! It’s just hard to choose. So..something I love: when somebody else makes the decision for you (and it’s good.)
6) I like this idea from Tolstoy: That a person who easily “loves” nature, trees, random moments, ideas, loves too readily. She’ll never, says Tolstoy, be able to really love another person. So, even in creating this list, I have sealed a fate of isolation! Huzzah! I guess in conclusion, I love talking about Tolstoy. And Isolation:


2 thoughts on “Almost Famous

  1. Wow, I feel so honored that you would pick mine among all the blogs out there (or out “they’re”, or my personal favorite, “thier”)! With regard to your “like” list… All good stuff. I was a philosphy minor and am all about existentialism, if it even exists that is.The Beatles? Good call. Right in front of us all, but generally overlooked. I saw the Beatles “LOVE” last year and it was moving. Absolutely amazing. And being the insanely indecisive person that I am, I adore, no, I LOVE when good decision are made for me. Thanks again for bestowing your praise on my lackluster ramblings, you’re too nice!


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