Yes We Can-Make Jokes About Obama!

As tense as the journey to Election Day was, it was also quite an inspiring, intensifying, chemistry-altering whirlwind. Yes, November 4th was the official day when everything changed for our country, when we “sealed the deal” on a new era, but we can’t forget that this shift was months, even years, in the making. Anyone familiar with the phase change table knows that molecules are often gearing up for dramatic transitions in seemingly unapparent ways.

So. Tuesday was the day when our hope was realized. Tuesday was the day when we said, “Yes We Can! Exchange a smile on the street with a formerly aloof Park-Slope Resident!” (Um, I mean, “Elect an African American President.”) But hope was simmering and gargling; gingerly infiltrating our lives long before that. For example:

1) Yes We Can! Admit to Liking Neil Diamond
2) Yes We Can! Take dating advice from Grandma
3) Yes We Can! Cheat, even if we’re women
4) Yes We Can! Ride a Bike
5) Yes We Can! Bring Back the Short Story
6) Yes We Can! Continue this list 4 Ever…..

Ok. But the point is, as the whole country (world…even Iran) cried “tears to remember” about Obama’s election, some of us cynical jerks/overzealous humorists were wondering: what’s the future of Saturday Night Live?

Well. It’s not certain. Making fun of Obama is going to be pretty tough. Most comics are saying that it’s just not possible…..

“But Los Angeles Times columnist Joel Stein argued at the time that if you’re willing to touch on some of the more sensitive subjects, such as Obama’s race, his skinny frame, his unflappable sincerity or his grandiose rhetoric, there’s plenty of material for Obama jokes. He enlisted the advice of some comedian friends and gathered quite a substantial body of material about the Democratic candidate, which he posted to prove that yes, we can laugh.”

Yes. Yes We Can! Figure Out Something Funny About Obama!


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