What’s Next For Gay Marriage

I admit that my joy over the great victory we achieved on Tuesday was a bit tempered when I came into work on Wednesday and learned, via the away message of my Special Adviser of Music, that Prop 8 had passed in California. Literally, my heart sank in a way that it hadn’t in quite some time. (And given my generally negative out look on life, you know that means something.)

When Josh asked me if I wanted to put on the office white board’s “Cranky List” (which I proudly appear on almost every day) I requested that he make a special “Utterly Devastated List” just for me. Cranky didn’t even begin to address the problem. I felt like the cause was my baby. Not just because I’m married to a woman on facebook, but also because gay marriage has been my beat since California courts overturned the ban in first place. While everyone was jubilant, I noted in a blog post that the Supreme Court had left the doors wide open for Prop 8, when in fact they could have prevented this day from coming by ordering a change in legislature. I’d grown more hopeful as I covered GLBT issues in the ensuing months, but this was a slap in the face.

But, as everyone knows, just like crying and lashing out at your friends and family, writing can be therapeutic. So, last night when I got the story assignments e-mail, I discovered that I’d been assigned to write, “What Does Proposition 8 Mean For Gay Marriage?” Finding the facts felt good, and learning that going opinion is that even though we’re hitting road bumps, we’re still driving, felt better.

The most interesting part of the article I think is the opinion and analysis, where people get blame people for who caused the ban to pass. Yay, laying blame! The only thing better than blame is guilt. Speaking of which, Spitzer’s not in trouble!


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