McCain Wins!

No. No he doesn’t. At least, not yet, and certainly not unless something really crazy happens. But, here I am at work, chillin’ on Team McCain, not writing an article, because well, I was supposed to write the McCain wins article.

Why isn’t McCain winning? The findingDulcinea blog explores the way that the candidates temperaments have factored into the election. Apparently, “What’s needed, argues Yale historian Beverly Gage, is “the right blend of confidence and humility.” The formula is simple, but elusive. What appears at first to be a candidate’s confidence can quickly spiral into erraticism when tested.”

What I like about this, is that this is combination you can’t fake. As it looks likely that Obama will win, we all have to begin to deal with the fact that the world isn’t going to change like magic. Most change requires a catalyst, but the execution is hard work. And that’s where “humility” comes in. Believing you can do something, but also admitting it that it will be immensely hard. Let’s hope our winner, John McCain, is up to the mavericky challenge.


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