Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

*Note: the following video moves very slowly because it’s hard to open a package with one hand while holding a video camera in the other. have a friend in Philadelphia. We’ll call him “Whatever You Want” (Wuw) since when I asked him what he wanted to be called on the blog. He said, “You can call me whatever you want.” Ok. So I met Wuw over the summer at this epic fourth of July party, and even though we really only met once, given the number of meals that were consumed (5-6) in the 6-10 hours that the party lasted for, I feel like Wuw got to know each other fairly well. Or, at least, we talked about books, which in my mind constitutes knowing someone.

Anyway, Wuw said that there were a bunch of books he knew of that he thought I’d like and volunteered to send them to me in New York. But…you know how life gets…busy guys tend to forget about girls until girls accidentally invite all their contacts to Diigo… Then busy boys send girls emails because they have a hunch they might have good ideas for Halloween costumes. When girls turn out to be writing articles about buying Halloween costumes, then girls get rewarded with continued friendship, and aforementioned promised books.

On Halloween, I got something in the mail at work from Wuw. Having never received anything cool at work, I was very excited. When it turned out that my present had come in a brown paper package tied up with string…well…it was the Sound of Music to my ears. A few cheery jokes circulated around the office, and I vowed to abstain from opening my gift until it could be set to the proper music.


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