Who Has More Money: McCain or Obama?

Good news, world. Tomorrow, the election will be over! No more talking about how we hate Sarah Palin! No more weekends of me saying “This is the weekend I go to PA…” and not going. (For the record, I did do GOTV in Philly yesterday. And yes, it’s kind of like the 6th Borough, but no, I won’t have an excuse to go there anymore.)

So basically, the election will end and I will have nothing to say because I won’t be able to talk about the election or complain about how I only talk about the election. I know. It’s hard to believe I might actually shut up for 5 seconds, but it could happen.

HOWEVER. In these last final minutes, you may be wondering, Which Campaign Has Money? I know you think it’s Obama’s campaign. But there are lot of gray lines, and the Republicans have more money. So. Read about it! And then vote.

Shutting up in 10..9…8…7…


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