Penny Lane’s Pretty Nurse is Identified

Today, I was doing one of my “work at home” Tuesday mornings when Emily gchatted me to assign my news story. She asked if I would mine a “fluffy” story. Now, as our entertainment writer, I get a fair share of fluffy stories. (and also because as Adam said, “You’re not smart enough to handle the real ones.”) And I don’t mind the fluffy stories, but when I found out what this one was, I was overjoyed.

Today, I got to write about the Beatles, because the “pretty nurse” in Penny Lane was identified! Apparently, she was kind of acting in a play; she was just dressed up in that nurse’s costume for fun, doing her thing, selling poppies, chatting up John Lennon. Average day in Liverpool, I can only assume.

The fun part of this story was that I also got to write about other song characters that have been IDed. They include Lucy (in the sky with diamonds), Sweet Caroline, and Jessie’s Girl. So, roommates all at work, I found myself humiliating myself in front of my neighbors, thinking of the Red Sox (why? I don’t know. Boston fetish. Oh well) to the tune of this song:


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