Sumner Redstone: For Love or Money

Yesterday, we published a story about how Sumner Redstone is going struggling to keep his shares in Viacom and CBS. On a personal level, I find this somewhat amusing because another thing that Sumner struggled to hold to many years ago was, according to family lore, my grandmother. Yes. My grandmother dated Sumner Redstone.

Now, my grandmother, I think may have been the Carrie Bradshaw of the 1940s. She claimed that she made her policy to have a different date every night of the week. She was engaged 6 times. Really. Every time she met someone she liked better, she broke off the engagement. Ever since I went from being painfully awkward to just regularly awkward and became semi-capable of attracting men, she has wanted the same for me. In college, I didn’t tell about her about my dating life unless I had at least three guys in rotation.

Anytime I’ve been attached, I’ve heard repeatedly, “Hey, you don’t have a ring on your finger!” (Although by her standards, even if I did, I could chuck for a better ring.) Of course, implicit in all this is that one day, someone like my grandfather will walk into the jewelry store where I work, he will take one look at me, I will take one look at him, and we will be engaged three dates later. We will get married in 6 months. I will not have anymore desires to run through multiple engagements. I will know for sure. (But not until I’ve gotten a phd and written a book, says Grandma.)

But the bottom line is, the story of my grandparents has always been recounted as somewhat of an epic love story. Unfortunately, it is also colored by a lot of phrases like, “even though we were poor” “even though we had to live with my mother for a year” “even though we went bankrupt” “even though he couldn’t retire.” Yes, she said, “we were poor but we laughed so much.”

But after he died, my grandmother would occassionally say, “I should have married Sumner Redstone? Do you know how much of Viacom he owns?”

Well, Grandma, if you had a computer, I would send you that article, and say, “Way to marry for love!” Things have a funny way of working out.


One thought on “Sumner Redstone: For Love or Money

  1. Hey, does your grandmother come from Boston or that vicinity?My mother (probably the same age as your grandmother) would sometimes say “you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs…”, by which she meant, until you get one to turn into a prince–then you’re done. I guess your grandfather turned into her prince.


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