The Very Best Website

An exciting thing happened today.

findingDulcinea made the Top 10 List blog’s list of the Ten Best Unknown Websites. That means, for you all you lay people who don’t understand the elusive concept of Top 10 Lists, that we are very very awesome.

This is what they had to say:

“1. Finding Dulcinea – Finding Dulcinea encompasses all the positive characteristics of the best types of websites. It is entertaining, human-powered, informative, and current. Finding Dulcinea is the only website, to my knowledge, that provides extensive information on a variety of topics (much like Wikipedia) while offering top news stories. Best of all, this information is gathered by actual humans, not a robot. I can literally stay on this website for hours on end and find hundreds of entertaining pages.”

Hey, RB, you’re thinking, is your whole blog entry today going to be just quoting someone else? Yes. It’s been a long week. Since I don’t have much to say, I will leave you another “Top List” as it were.

It’s a link to download a esau mwamwaya + radioclit mixtape, aptly titled: the very best. I don’t write about music (unless it’s jazz, and I have help from SAM) but I downloaded this from gorilla vs. bear, and I really enjoyed it.


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