How Sarah Palin Saved My Life

From the title of this blog post, I bet you suspect that it’s going to be ironic in tone. After all, nice, educated liberal writers in New York HATE Sarah Palin. She is OFFENSIVE to all of us. Her appointment is an insult to women, an insult to the intelligence of the American voter, she is incapable of putting “gs” on ing words and she doesn’t seem to know any vocab words other than maverick. Oh, and she’s totally not a vegetarian.

But, like all really sucky people, Sarah Palin is a good for a few laughs, as Tina Fey has proved. In fact, Tina Fey’s rendition of Palin has made ratings for the show skyrocket!

So, actually, this blog is not ironic at all. I really do feel that Sarah Palin has saved my life. You see, the month of September, for many reasons, held the potential to be slightly scary for me. I had started school, made some other changes, was worried about making more changes, was still having a quarter life crisis , was already planning my mid-life crisis, ETC. But then! Sarah. The world’s most beautiful hockey mom, and provider-of-endless-fuel (for conversation.) I was laughing! I was venting! I was making friends! I was pretending to be passionate and educated about politics! I was as close to “whole” and “complete” as Alaska is to Russia.

In all seriousness, I’m not sure I would have survived the past month without the distraction Sarah has provided. Thanks, Miss Wassila. I am much obliged.*

*This blog post can and should be considered evidence that politics in America are a complete joke, because Americans are ignorant and self-absorbed.


One thought on “How Sarah Palin Saved My Life

  1. Hey genius, I just read your article about Vince Dementri and Lori Delgado. The plural of “incident” is NOT “incidences.” What a dunce.


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