5 Great Jazz Trumpet Solos or My Maiden Voyage

This is one of the songs featured in today’s playlist, 5 Great Jazz Trumpet Solos.

The journey of this feature is long, and I believe worth telling. A while back, I told Liz that I thought we should do a Jazz Playlist, and she thought this was a good idea. She assigned to me for months down the line (today) and I thought nothing more of it.

Then, a few weeks ago, the time came to write the thing. It turned out that although I’d had the (very good! if I say so myself) idea to write the feature, I didn’t have what you’d call a “good” knowledge of Jazz. I tried to worm out of it, but the feature was mine, and Anne was determined that not only would I write about Jazz, I would research it thoroughly, and I would start to like it.

I was unconvinced. Research was research, and while I prepared to do it, I wasn’t ready to yield on the whole fall-in-love-with Jazz schtick. I bothered people I know, searched the web, cried for help on Facebook. I felt frustrated. Confused. Unsure of who to trust, and dubious of my own ability to judge.

Then, I found a Jazz Tutor. who henceforth will be known my Special Advisor of Music (SAM). SAM was eager to help, had favorites. He was supportive of my chosen project (trumpet solos) and through his own enthusiasm, helped me to see the je ne sais quoi magic of Jazz everyone promised me I’d fine.

Not unironically, the moment I fell was when I first listened to Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage. As the song began, I suddenly felt ready to listen, work, to write, to voyage.

So, thanks, SAM, for helping me embark. I hope that everyone has plenty of disagreements with my choices, and will write a million comments about them here.


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