In The New Year

When I was in college, I made a very big production of forsaking Judaism. I would get funny, semi-respectful (but semi-not, I suspect) messages from my parents saying things like, “Hi, Rachel, It’s Daddy. I know your forsook Judaism, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Hannukah.”

Then, when I left college, it became apparent that whether or not I forsaken anything, I was still highly encouraged to attend the dinners associated with holiday, even if I wasn’t attending temple or doing much of anything else.

When the New Year rolls around, my mom usually says, “I know you’ve forsaken Judaism, but I’m going to ask for your forgiveness anyway.” She has let me know that she will do that this year, although, this New Year, I have taken one step further in my forsaking by actually skipping the dinners associated with the holiday. (This is clearly the Real Big Statement, because everyone knows Judaism is not actually about religion, but about food.)

But as the sun sets on the Second Night, I feel, by virtue of habit, or as Philosophers say, something-we-know-not-what, that I ought to mark the occasion. So, for your listening, watching and reading pleasure, the song, recently released, In The New Year, by The Walkmen.

Apparently, contrary to what they’re saying in all the newspapers, it’s gonna be a good year.

oh I’m still living
at the old address
and I’m waiting on the weather
that i know will pass
i know that its true-its gonna be a good year
outta the darkness-and into the fire
ill tell ya i love ya
and my hearts in the strangest place
thats how it started
and thats how it ends

and i know your with me
its a point of pride
and its louder then lighting
in this room of mine
oh im just like you i never hear the bad news
and i never will
we won by a landslide
are troubles are over
my sisters are married
to all my friends
yeah thats how it started

you took your sweet time
and i waited by without complaint
till all the pipe dreams-made me insane
so its all over
its all over anyhow
you took your sweet time
finally i opened my eyes

my friends and my family
they are asking of me
how long will you ramble
how long will you still repeat
the snow is still falling
and I’m almost home
i see a new year


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