Can Google’s New Smartphone Take a Bite out of Apple?

One of the great joys of my career at findingDulcinea is that I get to be an authority on interesting topics that I might not actually know anything about in my real life. (As opposed to my Internet Life. Not to be confused with my Second Life, of course.)

So, now, I am an expert on things like Sainthood and Smartphones. Today, I covered the debut of Google’s new smartphone, G1, or the Gphone. I thought I wrote a pretty good story. I found news, blogs, and reference links that I really felt would introduce our readers to the phone, and competition it might pose for the iPhone.

But when the story came up on the homepage, I realized that while I might be an expert on smartphones, I am only an apprentice when it comes to writing headlines. My story was initially titled, “Will Google’s New Phone Beat iPhone?” but our fearless news editor, Adam, retitled the story, “Can Google’s New Smartphone Take a Bite out of Apple?.” I know. Totally genius.

Another person who is a genius is my good friend, La Nevrotique, who posted my dream on her dream blog today. My dream, which I really feel like was feature-film quality, now has a feature film title, “Of Monsters and Men.”

To all the title writing geniuses out there, I tip my hat.


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