How to Score Spore

Actually, I don’t really know how to “score” Spore, the new video game from Electronic Arts. I can however tell you how to buy the game, or rather, the video game guide can tell you how to buy one.

But, I thought that would be a catchy title for this entry, which is just about how the much anticipated Spore video game is coming out this week and how it may be the most *awesomest* thing to happen to video games since the secret sex scene in Grand Theft Auto.

Truth be told, I’m not much of a gamer myself. But something about Spore did intrigue me. The game is about, in a word: life. It takes you through all the phases of evolution, from being single-celled in the “ooze” to making a community and fighting off religious evangelists. Scientists are impressed with the concept, gamers are impressed with some technological details and graphics. But while even is gushing, no one will commit to be completely impressed. Overall, the reviews of the game say: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In fact, reviewers have issues with various sections of the game and felt some elements were imperfect. But everyone felt like the game as a full package was pretty amazing, addictive, fulfilling. All the things you want a video game to be. (I think…right?)

Here is my hippie analysis:

1) Creator Will Wright said the game was designed banking on people’s interest in “Possibility Space.” In other words, turf in the video game that they could totally define for themselves. Don’t possibility and imperfection go hand-in-hand? Isn’t the pang of desire for improvement what compels us to evolve in the first place? So, sure it’s imperfect. More incentive to get out of the ooze and into the next level.

2) I went to yoga later, and she had us lying on the floor and asked to absorb what was going on with each of our senses. “Feel the floor.” (Hard.) “Taste what’s in your mouth.” (That dry, dehydrated end-of-day-needs-dinner-and-toothbrush-taste.) “Listen to your surroundings.” (The person next to me has indigestion, and the guy in the next room picked up a weight that was too heavy and dropped it. Top 40 hits suck.) But suddenly, while I was experiencing all these senses, none of them particularly pleasant, I felt invigorated by the confluence of them, and I knew that the ability to experience them all together was an essential part of recognizing the reality of my own physical and mental life. So, in Life, JUST LIKE IN SPORE, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. What a genius video game…

Now, if only I knew how to steal cars and kill cops….think of the possibilities….


One thought on “How to Score Spore

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