Small Town and Sexy: It’s Sarah Palin

Let me start out by saying that Chris has created a very professional piece summarizing the media surrounding VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Now, I am currently watching the RNC.

Some thoughts:
1) I have a crush on the baby-daddy.
2) The way that the little daughter licked her hand and then rubbed it on the baby’s head–I know it seems gross, but I used to do it to my barbies.
3) That way the little girl was picking at the baby’s eyes? Someone I know I used to do it to his little brother. They’re both mostly ok.
3) The way she put the luxury jet on eBay? We’re in deep trouble.
4) That nose twitch. It says, “If you don’t believe that I know about foreign policy because Alaska is near Russia, at least imagine that I’m a great combination of fun and tough in bed.”
5) Watching Sarah Palin spout idealistic lies is more fun than watching Obama do it. We’re in deep trouble.
6) She said “Russia” and “Foreign” in the same sentence. She’s totally got it going on.
7) “The fact that drilling won’t solve every problem is no excuse…” to kill Polar bears and accelerate global warming.
8) Anyone who can get Cindy McCain to smile through all that Botox obviously deserves our vote.
9) If you refer to Obama as “our opponent” instead of by name, does it seem less like petty slander?
10) I’m ok with reading terrorists their rights, as long as I have a right to choose.
11) If I had known Sarah in 7th grade, she wouldn’t have let me sit at her lunch table.
12) Who’s better qualified to run our country than a soldier and soccer mom duo?
13) Sarah, please be concise.
14) Are you done yet?
15) Nope. You’re still insulting “our opponent.”
16) We’re in trouble.


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