Save Omninous

As promised, my blog will now include video. Hurrah. In light of a woman named Sarah Palin, who I (as democrat, female and American) feel is a rather troublesome choice for the GOP VP candidate, I have filmed the following short film called, “Save Ominous.” It actually has little to do with Sarah Palin, except that she conjures the word “ominous” and so does my “short film.” But if you’ve ever had a conversation with me, you’ve either been offended/confused, or recognized that I am a mostly ironic human, so you will be ok with this tenuous connection.

Anyway, the video is a mockery of the hipster-spurred “Save Domino” campaign/spectacle in Williamsburg. It is not a very sophisticated mockery, but I do mention the recession and rising gas prices, so I feel it’s at least temporally relevant.

Before you watch, I HIGHLY recommend you check out findingDulcinea’s coverage of Sarah Palin. If you’re wondering, Who the heck is this woman (other than a runner up in the Miss Alaska pageant and indefatigable hater of polar bears) my co-worker explains it very well.


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