Arkansas: Looking for Loopholes to Keep Gays Childless

Today, I wrote another story clinching the fact that I am findingDulcinea’s GLBT expert, and another story confirming that people everywhere will do pretty much anything to limit the rights of gays.

Arkansas is trying to pass a law that says unmarried couples can’t adopt or be foster parents. The problem (other than that it’s unfair) is that gay couples can’t get married in Arkansas, thus gay people can never adopt.

This obviously stinks. But, as our GLBT expert, I also know that in states like California, the situation is getting much better for gays. So, I can make interesting connections, such as realizing that homophobes will do anything to put a stop on gay rights (including ban unmarried straight couples from adopting) but I can also say, the general zeitgeist is that this kind of behavior and attitude is not ok.

In this case, there’s a side tragedy which is that SO many foster kids need homes, and it would be a tremendous pitty to limit the number of available parents. But at this moment, I’m almost too baffled by this cutting off their nose to spite their face phenomen to be annoyed.

Signing off, until the next time something happens in the gay community.


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