Lost Baby Whale Asks Yacht, "Are You My Mother?"


CNN had this video of a lost baby whale mistaking a yacht for its mother which I thought was SO cute and SO sad.

It also reminded me of this cute sheep dog named Carmen that we rescued on a dirt road in CT this weekend. Lauren and I were bike riding, when we heard some two older men yelling after “Carmen.” Their sheep dog had run off down the road, determinedly chasing a herd of bicyclists despite the desperate cries of her owners. Naturally, Lauren and I volunteered to retrieve Carmen, and careened off down the dirt road ourselves. It took a bit of riding, but we eventually caught up to Carmen and lured her away from the pack. We asked her to start chasing us back the house, but as soon as I began pedaling, I realized that Carmen was not chasing, she was herding. She ran practically on top of my tires, nipping at them.

“Carmen,” I reprimanded. “Give me some space!”

She obeyed, but behind us was a flashy, white jeep whose driver decided to speed up when he saw our little group. Unfortunately, Carmen thought the jeep was a sheep, and he sped up, she sped up and actually tried to herd the car, dangerously and deliberately cutting him off. Fortunately, he slammed on his breaks, either because he FINALLY noticed that there was a dog in the middle of the road (ahem) or because we screamed, “Carmen, watch out!”

Carmen was just unnerved enough by the incident to stop when her owners pulled up in a car. “Our neighbors just a Briard,” they explained. “They named theirs Tosca, so we named ours Carmen. We’re hoping to start a whole group of Opera-Briards.” They didn’t explain why they didn’t have their dog on a leash, or whether they intended to take steps to ensure that she didn’t try to herd any more four-wheel drives.

If perchance they do a search for Briards and find this blog I just want to say: This is not a criticism, but we have a dog care guide.


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