Vintage Sunglasses

Ladies and Gentleman, you heard it here first. My brother, the coolest person you know (or just wish you did) learned something from my weekly shopping feature, Shop Around the Web. He said, and I quote, “The Vintage Sunglasses site is cool.”

Yes, that means that if you read the Shop Around The Web: Sunglasses, you can be cool like Stephen.

You will also notice that the feature is divided up into different categories depending on how much you want to pay for your sunglasses. To help you decide, I’ll tell a story.

For my college graduation, Stephen gave me pink ray-bans. He said, “I know you only buy 6 dollar sunglasses. But now that you’ve graduated college, it’s time to take responsibility. In other words, if you break these or lose them, you’ll just have to learn to live with having made a mistake.”


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