Hillary’s A Woman, Hear Her Roar (At Last)

So, my post from June 4th says that Obama’s sealed the nomination, but Hil didn’t give her official concession until June 7th (yesterday.) I’ve heard that the speech moved a lot of people to tears, but it also finally acknowledged that her campaign meant something to women, and for women. It also seems like Hil’s last hurrah was most likable moment of her campaign. Maybe that’s a lesson, or something.

(Note the plunge in my effort to insightful after working since 8am on a Sunday…)


One thought on “Hillary’s A Woman, Hear Her Roar (At Last)

  1. Actually…she is now (arguably) the most powerful woman in the United States. Think of Ted Kennedy after 1980 and multiply it. She should play her Senate seat like a fiddle from this point on.e


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