NY Will Honor Out of State Gay Marriages

All those years of being the co-head of GASP (My high-school’s Gay and Straight Partnership) paid off. New York state will now recognize gay marriages from other states and countries. That means eloping to Massachusetts will now actually be worth its weight in gasoline.

Ok. It’s true that when I was co-head of GASP, I was (shocker!) not totally organized and didn’t always feel like I was accomplishing something. So I’m glad that if I slacked off then, I can sort of make up for it now writing about it.

I think this is really great news, and a positive omen for the future. Devoted readers will remember that I peeved when the Supreme Court didn’t take a stronger stance in California, but I’m feeling good about this, and after the article I wrote today, I’m actually feeling like voters in California won’t ever pass an amendment banning gay marriage. So, positive thoughts about civil rights. Yay.

Two more things:

One is my irreverent, TOTALLY ironic comment for the day. “Of course Governor Paterson wants to recognize gay marriage. He’s already proved he has no respect the holy institution by cheating on his wife! Bring me some family values and a slice of apple pie!”

Two is that a certain, Stephen, a.ka, Cliff Notes, called me last night. Among other things, he mentioned that he hadn’t made an appearance on the blog for a while. So, Hi Stephen! Tomorrow’s entry is for you … We’ll be offering advice for sorry souls who are faced with…college graduation. Gulp.


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