Genetically Modified Crops Produce Less Food, Study Says

So, in a happy turn of events, I frequently find myself writing stories about the environment for our news division, Beyond the Headlines. I mean, it’s kind of happy, because I care about the environment. I’m a vegetarian, I used to have an “adopted whale” and I persist in stowing recycle-ables in plastic bags despite the fact that I know my building does not recycle. (Unless the kids in the lobby are using my 2-liter diet coke bottles to make bongs, in which case, kudos.)

But it’s also kind of sad, because our news editor will say things to me like: “Rachel, can you find me that YouTube clip where the starving polar bear starts chewing its own hand off?” Or “You can’t criticize the Governor for saying he wants to shoot all the gray wolves now that they’re off the endangered species list–it’s too biased.”

So, yesterday I wrote another environment story that made me depressed and uncomfortable, this time about genetically engineered food, which by the way, is coming soon to a bag of rice near you.

Anyway, it turns out that genetically modified soybeans actually produce less food than conventional ones. So, on the upside, GM crops probably aren’t the solution to world poverty, but on the downside, big companies will probably continue to use them as a way to get rich and keep poor farmers in debt.

What a wonderful world!

P.S I’d love to end this post on a cynical, depressing note, because then I could stay true to my nature and use to my negativity to fuel my ever-growing dismissive pretension.

BUT. People. It’s is Spring. It’s Gorgeous. What can I say but: This must be the place.


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