Our generation is going down the (you)TUBE

I cannot say that I didn’t find The Sneezing Panda hysterically funny. In fact there are many clips that friends of mine have sent me that found extremely amusing. However, a particularly twisted friend of mine sent me a clip the other day of a little girl falling of the stage at what looked liker her second or third grade play. I can only assume that it was her parents who were filming, and then kept filming long after the fall, and then continued their path to “fame” by uploading it on youtube, in hopes of getting thousands of hits. There must be a line drawn somewhere, and we all must find better things to do with our time spent on the internet, even if we miss out on a cheap laugh or two.

 So come on people! Spend more of your time on Finding Dulcinea learning things, not watching “Kid Gets Nailed in the Head with Soccer Ball”

2 thoughts on “Our generation is going down the (you)TUBE

  1. I must confess, the first thing I did after reading this post was go straight to YouTube and search: “girl falls off stage.” I was not disappointed!


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