As I sat in the library whining about how bored I was with my work, and how all i wanted was something meaningful to do with my time, the unthinkable happened: Rachel decided to take a vacation. Best known for her ability to overwork herself, it seems that she is turning over a new leaf, and putting stress on the back burner (Hallelujah!). 

Between Rachel’s lack of stress and my new found responsibility to manage her blog, my dreams were coming true (yes, Rachel relaxing is on my list of dreams). Rachel and I have a deep connections that has carried over from past lives where we first met, and I immediately began to stress about my responsibilities to keep our lives in balance. Stressed about how my writing would compare to Rachel’s, I decided to check out Finding Dulcinea’s weekly feature on the weirdest creatures on earth, and when i saw the first picture I realized that poor guy is probably stressed enough for the both of us. 
Check it out: http// 
Maybe I should have been more worried about my abilities to include a website.
Hope you’re enjoying yourself in Italy darlinggg! ( 3 Gs means I really mean that she’s my darling- we are a texting generation, get with it.)

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