Tidal Energy Power a Reality

You wouldn’t think it to look at me, but really: I can admit when I’m wrong. Let me rephrase that: I can admit when I’m wrong, as long as it’s been at least 3 years since the argument.

You see, my sophomore year in college, I went to Florida with my then boyfriend. As we were standing on the beach, he had an idea. “What about tidal energy power?” He thought that if we could harness the power of the tidal movements, we’d have an unlimited source of energy, since water is pretty much always moving.

I thought this was an awful idea. What about storms? Flat days? Surely the machinery would get wrecked in a hurricane. I was relatively livid, actually, that he refused to see the numerous flaws in his plans.

Well. According my co-workers at findingDulcinea, tidal energy power is now a reality. Yup, according to Beyond the Headlines, homes in Ireland will use tidal energy starting in May.

So…I’m happy. I’m really, really happy. I love when a great idea comes to fruition. And Mike: I’m sorry.


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