Ashes to Ashes…Funk to Funky

This morning, while I was updating our Fashion Guide, I came across this Marc Jacobs bag. I gasped. My heart pounded a little. A few minutes later I noticed I was still short of breath and got a warm fuzzy feeling when I looked at the bag.

It’s true. 1 Day until my 25th birthday and I have finally succeeded in become abysmally vapid. Basically, aforementioned gorgeous green bag (which I promise never to own because it is made of leather) is just another indication that my 25th birthday is will set in motion my total and complete spiritual death.

Other evidence?

A) When discussing birthday plans with Sig Oth (and yes, if I’m shallow enough to fall in love with an accessory I WILL call him that) I whined: “All I want is a clean room and to do my laundry.”

GUESS WHAT WE’RE DOING ON MY BIRTHDAY? I’ll give you hint. We’re cleaning my room. (My 15 year old self is rebelling by restoring my skin to its 15 year old quality.)

B) The roommates wanted to take me out for drinks. Sadly, Not-Quite-25-Year-Olds can’t really “go out” two nights in a row. After an exuberant company happy hour to say goodbye to our beloved Matt, I had to beg: “What if we just drank wine (and ate crackers) while sitting on our couch? I mean, it’s not cool, per se, but isn’t it an accomplishment to have a living room you want to hang out in?”

Meghan handled it smoothly, assuring me that when you get to a certain age, you just need recovery time.

But then I started thinking: What’s so bad about change? Our desire to stagnate is twisted product of our desire to live forever. We think maybe if we stay the same, we’re not really getting older. But we are. So, I’m going embrace my potential for change, and I am going to start by becoming….organized. I know. You don’t believe me. Just you wait.

Stay tuned for before and after pictures of my messy room, and something better. My newly named Organizing Mentor, Sushene, will be guest-starring on the blog and teaching everyone how to be organized.

Now, excuse me while I try to go find my keys.


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