NYC Apartment Hunting

Don’t worry. As much as I love this picture, I would never DEIGN to live on the Lower East Side. Seriously, the only thing worse than a hipster is an incredibly wealthy hipster eating brunch where a fantastic pickle shop once resided.

But, let’s say I did want to live in the Lower East Side. Or any other really awesome New York neighborhood. As Liz knows, apartment hunting isn’t easy.

Or, it wasn’t easy, until we waved our magic Internet Wand and presented you with: the Apartment Hunting in New York Guide.

People like my brother can use it when they move back to New York, or to New York. They can find an amazing apartment in an amazing neighborhood that is as pretty but way more down-to-earth than the one in the picture. Then, they can invite me over to hang-out and maybe crash on their couch.

I love it when my work pays off.


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