4,000 U.S Soliders are dead in Iraq. Make it Count?

If you were on the findingDulcinea Home page this morning, you no doubt noticed that U.S Soldier Death Toll has reached 4,000. (If you weren’t on the home page this morning, give yourself a slap on the wrist. Ok. Moving on.)

Our coverage of the events surrounding this devastating statistic is excellent; it only took 4 soldiers dying to hit this landmark, but the war has 5 years of history behind it. And of course, while 4,000 is a number that kind of makes your eyes glaze over, the stories of individual do a better job of jolting us out of our apathetic comfort zone.

When I read one of our links, A New York Times article featuring the blogs and letter of six soldiers who died, I, to put it bluntly, freaked. One soldier in particular lashes out against America for fighting a worthless war AND blasts Americans for sitting around caring about nothing but Brittney’s shaved head. I’m going to be honest: I am way too much of snob to care about Brittney’s hair.

But I do get pretty cranky when the Q train is crowded. I am a little stressed my birthday because like, oh my god, I am so old!! And is Whole Foods really out of frozen broccoli AGAIN?

In short: GUILT. Mostly about the fact that these soldiers seemed to really hate America for sending them to Iraq. If I could believe that at least they believed in what they were doing, I could live with it. But at the same time, all these people chose to go into the military. Some of them even chose to go into the Military AFTER we were at war with Iraq.

That means that there is a section of the population so educationally, financially and ideologically disenfranchised that they are unable to make the decisions that will be prevent them from suffering (or dying) on behalf of a cause they don’t believe in. Where is this disconnect coming from? And how do we stop it?

We certainly can’t blame our soldiers, but can’t protect them from the Iraqis or themselves.

**This blog does not reflect the opinions of anyone but its author**


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