Recommit to Your Resolutions

Good news. findingDulcinea has named today “Recommit to Your Resolutions Day.” That means that people like me, who never made any resolutions, and people like you, who made them and totally forget about them, have a chance to try again.

The better news? You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, our “Recommit to Your Resolutions Guide” will actually go to the gym on your behalf! That’s right: You can keep smoking a pack a day, but the Internet will not have even one cigarette.

But seriously. The guide does have all sorts of fantastic information on how to stick to your resolutions. And, it’s being backed by Bill and Jim Germanakos, who both won the reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. “The Weightloss Twins” have given us 9 tips for meeting our goals. In fact, Bill Germanakos is in our office today. He hasn’t spoken to me, but I know what he’s thinking: “Rachel–you can lose a 164 pounds just like I did! You just have to focus.”

Ok. Maybe he’s not thinking exactly that, or anything about me at all, but the truth is, his presence has caused to re-evaluate why I didn’t make resolutions this year. You see, sometime in December, I found some old resolutions from junior year in college. They were resolutions I’d worked quite hard to formulate. They embodied the person I wanted to be. Unfortunately, 3 years later, I couldn’t check a single thing off the list. Depressing.

So today, I looked through Bill and Jim’s list of how to stick to your resolutions. #2 is be realistic. Now, realistic is probably my least favorite thing to be. However, I realized that if I ever want to get anything done, I’ll need to reform my hyperbolic, over-actively imaginative ways.

For example, today I decided I would try to get fashionable. I went on, the online arm of Vogue Magazine. Now, if there were a Web site equivalent of the sound that parents make while talking on the Peanuts television show, would be it. (For me.) I couldn’t absorb anything, and didn’t see myself implementing any of (definitely valuable) advice.

But then, during lunch, I went to the drug store and looked at hair products. Now, realistically, I could commit to de-frizzing my hair. Of course, I didn’t buy anything but…was there anything on that list about taking baby steps?


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