Paterson reads my blog!

New Governor David Paterson obviously reads my blog. He must have read the section where I said, “I’m not opposed to infidelity,” and decided it would be a good idea to confess to having extra-marital affairs on DAY 2 of his stint as governor. Gotta love it. (If you don’t love it, you can probably find another one to spend a few hours in a hotel room with you. Or, maybe you do love it, but it’s just not working right now. If you’re Governor Paterson, you’ll find that extra-marital affairs are great way to keep yourself occupied while you’re contemplating whether or not to get divorced.)

So basically, everyone is shaking his or her head in half amusement, half dismay at what a Carnival of Sexual Transgression Albany has become. But I’m kind of impressed. (And not just because Paterson and I share a tacit approval of cheating on your spouse.) I’m impressed because his confession has made it obvious that people’s personal lives oughtn’t factor into politics. And now, New Yorkers are left realizing we lost a perfectly good governor who paid for extra-marital sex and had him replaced with one who didn’t pay for the extra-marital sex he had. Whew!

Now, Spitzer broke a law, got totally humiliated (conservative conspiracy, anyone?) and came across as a total hypocrite who was no longer fit to be a public figure. (Although surely he could have continued to do a solid job as Governor. Unfortunately, politician = public figure. Bummer.) But Paterson…Paterson just made us all look really dumb for thinking we can control these things.

And I stand by the fact that what Spitzer did was despicable and (until we change the law) illegal. But the bottom line is, there’s a lot of cheating in politics. When are we going to stop acting surprised? It’s a shame that many people aren’t always faithful. But they’re not. So when we will learn to have a system that doesn’t blow up every time it happens?

And to the people of New York rolling your eyes over your new Governor I say: Love the one you’re with.


One thought on “Paterson reads my blog!

  1. Are there tickets available to this Carnival of Sexual Transgression? I could be convinced to drive a carload of people up to Albany this weekend if it’s not sold out. What better way to spend Easter?


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