How long will you live?

A few people have commented that my quarter-life crisis has a glitch: I’m not going to live be a hundred, therefore, I’m not really at my “quarter-life.”

However, I found a quiz online called, the Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator. Now, even though as a professional Web researcher, I was totally skeptical of this quiz, I decided to take it in the interest of giving my readers a fast answer. I took it, and continued to be skeptical: in the section where it asked me to choose what kind of snacks I eat, it didn’t even list Healthy Valley Raspberry Tarts. Any quiz that fails to comprehend the plethora of Raspberry Tarts in our kitchen is no friend of mine. But I digress.

The point is: It says I’m going to live to be 97. And that’s taking into account the fact I said I was usually stressed out, drank too much caffeine, slept poorly and lived in a polluted city. Should any of those things change (and I do plan on doing more yoga…soon), then I might in fact live to be 100. That doesn’t broach the subject of quality of life, but at least it lends some (shaky) validity to my quarter-life crisis.

Also, another point for my friend Sushene: I learned in college that according to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, we form our characters until age 29. If you read the Book II, you’ll see that youth is meant to be spent learning to actively pursue a virtuous life. Eventually, virtuous deeds will become sort of habitual. Aristotle emphasizes that we’ve got to get in the practice of doing good early. According to my professor, you’ve got to get into the practice by age 29, at which point your habits are formed. (A friend of mine pointed out that with “inflation”, this translates to about 45.)

Anyway, the Quarter-life crisis comes about when all the rules we’ve been taught loosely through our youth become extremely relevant in the real world. We have the years between 25-29 to complete the emergence from well-intentioned child to mostly-functioning adult. The upside of all this? Your life isn’t 29%. You’re actually just beginning your “fully-formed” life. Good luck, Sushene. Your changes will be saved in 8 days…


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