Quarter-Life Who Cares?

Nothing makes you forget how old you are like snow.

Sure, when you have to go work and there is zero chance of a snow day, the inconvenience factor of snow inevitably rises. But, here is how you know you are getting too old:

When the ratio of resenting the inconvenience to brimming with liberated jubilation becomes greater than one, you’re in trouble. (For all you non-math geniuses out there, that means inconvenience is greater than joy.)

It’s ok to feel annoyed and cranky. Heck, I do it at least 5 times an hour! But remember: if you want to stay young, you MUST LIKE SNOW MORE THAN YOU HATE SLUSH.

Are you in danger of old-i-tude? Fear not. We have a beer guide. Read it, and get closer to being cool enough to hang out with my brother.


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