Seeq and Ye Shall Find (A loophole)

It seems that I’ve been hearing a lot of people lately talk about wanting to explore music/artists/albums and not knowing how. For example, last night a friend was inquiring about a particular album of a band he liked. He owned a few other albums but wasn’t sure about one in particular. Sadly, no one else in the room knew anything about the album either, and we had to go back to talking about politics.

Now, I know my vote counts, but I also know that it’s a lot easier for my friend to explore that band than it is to name a non-corrupt person who’s held office in the history of America. (Believe me, we tried.) The solution is a site called Seeqpod.

Seeqpod allows you to enter the name of a band, artist, or album and get results for every opportunity to stream the music you’re looking for. You can use Seeqpod to make a playlist and listen to it as a kind of customized radio. It’s useful for exploring new music and artists, or for listening to some guilty pleasure you’d never dare to own. (November Rain, anyone? anyone?)

Despite the catchy title of this post, according to PC World, Seeqpod is completely legal. However, using Seeqpod can feel like a small victory against the RIAA. So, if you think you’ve got a right to share music but aren’t really interested in taking any major risks, Seeqpod is a good way to feel like a 5 on a 1-10 scale of bad a**-ness.


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