Heaven is a Place Online

It’s Friday and I’ve successfully completed my work for the day, yet I’m still here, blogging. Why? Because I’m writer, and that means I’m insecure and need to believe that other people care about me and know that I exist. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. Someone asked Laurence Olivier what made actors want to act, and he replied, “Look at me! Look at Me! Look at Me!”

But don’t look at me, look at the title of this post. It is the soon-to-former name of our religion guide, and, as my close friends know (and wish they didn’t) a pun on my favorite song EVER. We’re tweaking our content so it’s a little more search friendly, and apparently I’m the only person who’s persisted in a Belinda Carlise obsession post-1990. (Although MY brother liked to perform “Heaven is a place on earth” with me in his pajamas, too, so who knows?)

Anyway, it’s a little sad to say goodbye to some of those titles, but frankly, Heaven is still a place online to me. Last night, I was able to draw some serious Zen solace from the Internet when I received a text message from my dad saying: “Guess who gets go to the Super Bowl all expenses paid as a gift from a business associate?”

Ok. So I was hoping the answer would be: You and Your brother. But…the answer was my dad and his wife. Dreams of a Super Bowl in front of a 42 inch HD TV accompanied by gourmet snacks: Shattered. Chance of being stuck with decidedly anti-Giants Sig-Oth on Feb 3: Likely.
My mood: Calm, Cool, and Collected.

Because while my roommate contemplated how many members of my family she’d have to lock up or kill to steal the tickets, I was able to take comfort in my ability to share information.

I texted back: That’s great, because Finding Dulcinea has a Phoenix Super Bowl Travel Guide.

And I wasn’t jealous. I was just proud of our work, and excited that all the forces of my life could come together in such a seamless manner.

I wasn’t jealous. I was happy. I wasn’t jealous. I was happy.
I wasn’t jealous. I was happy. I wasn’t jealous. I was happy.
I wasn’t jealous. I was happy. I wasn’t jealous. I was happy.

My mom says meditation really works. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Heaven is a Place Online

  1. RB, we care about you. You exist. Your blog is great. You are happy. A million years from now — or next month — hardly anyone will remember who won the Super Bowl. This thought may help calm your jealousy.Onward!

  2. I’m sorry…but if the Giants win the Super Bowl, people will remember 2,000 years from now…aliens will remember our former planet, desolate at the time, from the Giants victory ending the Patriots perfect season in 2008.


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