Peas in a Pod

You know how sometimes couples spend so much time together that they start to look like each other, and speak like each other, or sometimes a person will start to look like his or her dog? Well, I think something similar has happened with me and my fantastic desk partner, Josh. Today, neither Josh or I knew what we wanted to blog about. But when Josh started blogging this morning, he wrote an entry about how much he hates reality T.V. And I thought, I hate reality T.V too! I’d love “all” my readers to know how putrid I think it is. Luckily, I’m saved the trouble of writing this entry, because Josh already did it. Go Josh.

In fact, I hate pretty much all T.V. I don’t even like Gossip Girl. I lived it through it once (minus the boys and nice clothes) and I don’t need to see it again. One thing I will watch on T.V is the Super Bowl. I think watching the Giants beat the Patriots is going be a really fantastic way to spend 3+ hours on my life. And if Tom Brady wants to come to me for comfort later, that’s ok.

(The real secret about why I hate T.V is that I’m too A.D.D to focus on anything, especially random flashes of light and noise, for more than three minutes. But if Tom Brady isn’t the ritalin of blazing pixels, I don’t know what is.)

But seriously, as for the Super Bowl. I want you to do something that I will never tell you to do again. Go to Google. When you get there, do a search for “Super Bowl Guide.” Yes, you saw right. The fourth google hit is, in fact, yours truly: FindingDulcinea’s Phoenix Super Bowl Guide.

Right now you can learn all about Phoenix and Football, but stay tuned for the Super Bowl Party section. I know that unless I have a reason to gloat, (The Giants are beating the Patriots) my A.D.D will kick in and I will be more than happy to doll out the chocolate covered footballs. Especially if Tom Brady wants one.


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