Introducing for the 8th time….

As you may or not be aware, I have pledged to mention my brother at least once in every post. Today, not only will I mention him, but I will devote an entire entry to him, because today, Stephen B. came to work.

My plan: Take Stephen to Silo and buy him a delicious lunch. Tell him he could have whatever he wanted–pasta, soba noodles, salad bar, a vegan cookie, etc. (For all interested stalkers, Stephen had a turkey sandwich and rejected my vegan cookie offer. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.) Then, after bribing him with the best deli food in all of Murray Hill, have him eat in our office while “encouraging” him to look at the site and pick his favorite sections. He was quite receptive to this idea. Here’s what went down.

Me: Look! Did you know that On this Day, Prohibition went into effect?
Stephen: I do now!
Me: Well, did you know that Blu-ray has beat HD-DVD in format wars?
Stephen: Hmmm…Blu-ray.
Me: It’s too bad, because Dad has an HD-DVD player.
Stephen: Hmm…HD-DVD.
Me: But it turns out, HD-DVD might still have the been the better technology.
Me: Hey, the Daily Tilt! That gives you funny Web sites every day.
Stephen: Oh, I like that!
Me (to hapless co-worker): Stephen likes that! (to Stephen): Today is a collection of funny blogs. This one called the Sneeze points out that there are no female cereal mascots.
Stephen: That’s a good point. There aren’t. But you know what, maybe there’s good reason for that.
Me (to self): Which one of these siblings did not go to feminist all-girls school?
Stephen: Still, that Lucky Charms guy isn’t very masculine.
Me (to self): Which one of these siblings did not go to overly politically correct all-girls school? (to Stephen) But you’ll still visit Netcetera, because you liked that site, right? Even if you think the cereal characters are not manly men?
Stephen: Definitely.

So, Stephen’s first visit to the office, and his first formal tour of the site, were raging successes (when you exclude my failure to force him to eat a vegan cookie.)

Finally, if you liked this entry, you will love it when Stephen has his guest blogging spot.


One thought on “Introducing for the 8th time….

  1. If I were to rate Steven B’s cameo performance at the office today, on a scale of 1-10, I would give him a 1…1 being the best of course.


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