She’s gonna get a ticket now…

Hmmm….it’s Friday at 6:15pm and that means my brain is not functioning in a manner that makes me an interesting blogger.

Here’s some evidence of how tired I am:

1) This morning at the gym, I would randomly stop pedaling on the elliptical, and actually not even notice for a few seconds.

2) I got to work and looked out the window, where I saw the Apple(tm) logo floating in the sky above the buildings. “My God!” gasped my internal monologue. “Apple is advertising with the Bat signal!” Then, a few minutes later, I realized that it was the reflection of someone’s Macbook.

3) While reading a profile of Martin Luther King Jr., I glanced up at the URL and saw MLK in the name. “No!” groaned my internal monologue. “I’m supposed to be researching the Civil Rights Movement, not milk!”

These are all true stories. So, I’m going home. On the bright side, my brother sent a text to say he likes the blog.


One thought on “She’s gonna get a ticket now…

  1. Ha! This is very fantastic work Rachel. I returned from a three day “songwriter’s retreat” in New Orleans yesterday- which was certainly one of the most fascinating and deranged experiences of my entire existence, only to discover that our gym STILL has not fixed the ESPN. Sometimes I question the depth of our loyalty to this place- it is going on two weeks of my begging them now. I think basically we’re all still going because Michele likes the trainer with the mohawk…


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